11/30/2013- padres Marfa,tx w/ night

11/15/2013- padres’s , Marfa,TX w/ Josh Berwanger

10/14/2013- Padre’s, Marfa, TX, w/ Mike Donovan

9/12/213- El Cosmico Festival, Marfa, TX w/ Dan Dyer, Hayes Carll, and Nic Armstrong

7/28/2012- El Cosmico, Marfa, TX w/ Kelli Scarr

6/16/2012- Padre’s, Marfa, TX w/ Thriftstore Cowboys

6/15/2012- Railroad Blues, Alpine, TX w/Thriftstore Cowboys

5/30/2012- Marfa Book Company, Marfa,TX w/ Jessica Moore and Some Say Leland

5/2/2012- Hotel Havana, San Antonio, TX

3/16/2012-Deadbird Records showcase, Austin, TX SXSW, w/ Silver Chords, Weird Womb and Treasure Mammals

3/1/2012-Padre’s, Marfa,TX w/ Leatherbag

2/28/2012- Lubbock, TX, w/ Dave Martinez

1/3/2012- M’s Lips Lounge, El Paso, TX w/ Judson Claiborne and Johnny Castello & the Ruckus

1/1/2012- Marfa Book Company, w/ Judson Claiborne and Johnny Castello & the Ruckus

12/30/2011- Frank, Austin, TX w/ Dana Falconberry and Judson Claiborne

12/29/2011- Ocho (Hotel Havana), San Antonio,TX w/ Judson Claiborne

12/28/2011- Triple Crown, San Marcos, TX

10/12/2011- Lambert’s, Austin, w/ Deathblack Flowers and Candles

10/11/2011- Triple Crown Live, San Marcos, w/ Deathblack Flowers and Candles

10/8/2011- The Esquire, San Antonio, w/ Deathblack Flowers and Candles

10/7/2011- Lost Horse Saloon, Marfa, w/ Deathblack Flowers and Candles 9pm. 4 dollars.

9/23/2011- El Cosmico’s Trans-Pecos Festival of Music and Love, Marfa with the El Cosmico Family Band.

9/21/2011- Padre’s, Marfa, w/ The Heartless Bastards

8/19/2011- Portland OR, La Merde w/ Jack Sanders and Butch Anthony

8/11/2011- Padre’s. Marfa, w/ Candles and The Black

7/13/2011- Zebulon Cafe, NY,NY w/ Pillars and Tongues

7/4/2011- Momo’s, Austin, w/ Dan Dyer and Curtis McMurtry

5/18/2011- Sala Diaz Compound, San Antonio, w/ Pillars and Tongues

5/17/2011- Annie Street Arts House, Austin, w/ Pillars and Tongues and The Chimney Choir

4/23/2011-Padre’s, Marfa, Japan tsunami benefit w/ Candles, Adam Bork, Museum of Jamable Resources, Mark Scott, Purple Mountain Majesty

4/?/2011- Flipnotics, Austin, w/ Dan Grissom and Robert Steele

3/18/2011- SXSW Clive Bar, Austin

2/16/2011- Sala Diaz, San Antonio, w/ Pillars and Tongues

12/22/2010- Pete’s Candy Store, New York

12/16/2010- Viaduct Theater, Chicago, w/ Jim Becker and The Cairo Gang

12/9/2010- Quencher’s, Chicago w/ Cains and Abels and Erin Edmister and Three Tons.

11/15/2010- MoMo’s, Austin

9/25/2010- El Cosmico, Marfa w/ The Heartless Bastards, Amy Cook, Adam Bork, and Will Cope.

9/2/2010- Quencher’s, Chicago w/ Panoramic and True and The New Church of Ease

8/28/2010- Padres’s, Marfa w/ Bobby Bare Jr. and Blue Elephant

8/8/2010- Saki, Chicago, in-store w/ Judson Claiborne

7/29/2010- The Whistler, Chicago w/Judson Claiborne and Catcher

7/2/2010- Hideout, Chicago w/Mazes and The Cairo Gang


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