Missed Connections: Blizzard and great show
January 8, 2014, 5:14 am
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Also, wanted to make a statement about having to skip out on our Chicago show on the 2nd of January with Judson Claiborne at the Hideout in Chicago.

We were totally bummed to have to cancel that date, but maybe it proved to be a blessing in disguise as we would have pulled into Chicago around the same day as the North Pole did. Or maybe it would have been a blast to be there in the Arctic weather? Hmmm. A bummer in disguise.

Will be back to Chicago in late Feb. early March though. Will keep the page updated!



Hotel Brotherhood through the holidaze.
January 8, 2014, 4:58 am
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Well, after this last Christmas holiday super season, we at Hotel Brotherhood just wanted to post a recap/thank you for a couple shows we played between the 28th and New Years Eve.

First off we wanted to say thanks to Sam Walker and his band Trust The Finch, who are making tunes down in Austin by way of West Texas, and also Terra Peters and Hogan Sullivan as well. Was a pleasure to be part of such a cool night of music over at Padre’s on the 28th.

Also, wanted to say a word about New Years Eve. While in Odessa returning a harp with Nicki and hitting a couple thrift stores, we got a call to open that nights New Years Eve show for Jimmie Dale Gilmour and Butch Hancock,… needless to say we didn’t turn that one down. Was a great night complete with Champagne toasts, lots of folks, and Jimmie Dale signing about how that night, he thought he was gonna go downtown.  Also, Colin Gilmour played some great tunes solo and joined everyone on stage throughout the night.  A night to remember for sure. Thanks to Lance and those guys for asking us to open that one up and Colt Miller for laying down the sweet licks with me.IMG_1710