Hotel brotherhood. Nightlands. Saturday Nov. 30 PADRE’S
November 27, 2013, 4:09 pm
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Nightlands is the recording project of Philadelphia-based multi-instrumentalist Dave Hartley. The music he creates in his bedroom is itself a bed of delicate, chiming strings and bubbling synths beneath a blanket of choral vocal arrangements. It’s dreamy in the literal sense — the seeds for the album were sown when Hartley began archiving musical ideas that occurred in his sleep with a simple bedside tape recorder. As a result his debut album Forget the Mantra is, in essence, a field recording of Hartley’s dreams — a travel journal through pop music and a collection of psych-hymns from the first human lunar colony. The songs sound both huge and intimate, breathy and cavernous like massive echoes of a faraway concert. It’s the big, shadow music from just across the lake.

Should be a fun night in town come on out to the show.

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Hotel brotherhood opens for Berwanger- Padres nov 15.
November 14, 2013, 11:34 pm
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Should be a fun and chilly Friday night

Josh Berwanger’s new record Strange Stains just had its release a few days ago .
You might know of Josh from
his former band The Anniversary.
Show is free. 9pm.?

Have a good one.