El Cosmico -July 28th 8:30
July 20, 2012, 6:14 am
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Jack Sanders on Fresh Talk (Fresh Art International)

Good friend Jack Sanders is interviewed by Cathy Byrd on Fresh Talk’s podcast. They chose to use a snippet of a new Hotel Brotherhood song called ‘Trains through the grass’ at the end of the interview,… but listen to Jack’s story, that’s the main thing.

In the interview Jack explains how he got to starting his “company” Design Build Adventure through his own experiences working with Samuel Mockbee and Liz Lambert and a hundred other amazing people.  It’s a good listen.

here’s the link.

Thanks to Jack and Cathy as well.

Hotel Brotherhood and Kelli Scarr at El Cosmico-July 28
July 14, 2012, 8:55 pm
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Kelli Scarr and her band are coming to town, on tour from NYC and we’re going to do a show with them at Texas’ favorite trailer hotel, El Cosmico, right here in Marfa.  Come cool out around the new outdoor stage El Cos has got set up outside under the rope lights, if you haven’t already… but then do again if you have.  It’s a perfect desert oasis night time activity.

Go here to NPR’s All Songs Considered to listen to a few tracks from her latest release ‘Dangling Teeth’.

Will be a great show right in the middle of the Viva Big Bend Festivities, our show will be free with suggested donations for the traveling band.

Show starts at El C at 8:30 pm.