Fourth of July, w/ Dan Dyer and Curtis McMurtry

Hotel Brotherhood plays again!!!

At Momo’s on the Fourth of July, 2011. Maybe the last Fourth of July ever, if the Mayan’s are correct….Hotel Brotherhood kids and believes that the world will actually never end for all eternity.

But just in case, we’re opening for Curtis McMurtry, Little Brave, Dan Dyer, and Ethan Kennedy.

Hotel Brotherhood Plays at 6:30.

Theme- ‘Explosions in Grass’, Barbeque Chips, and Fourth of July Breath. Come on over for a little or long while.

Should be a great night of musical funfare.


tomorrow…May 17th….Annie Street Arts Collective w/ Pillars and Tongues and Chimney Choir
May 16, 2011, 5:29 pm
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so begins our two day journey.

from the Annie Street House Press Division

“If you were to miss this coming together of great minds from across the continent, I think you would cry cry cry.Pillars and Tongues. Droned out psych folk from Chicago drawing influences from experimental music and jazz.

Chimney Choir. A friend of our friends Paper Bird and the Dovekins, Chinmey Choir hails from Denver. Tight harmonies and acoustic instruments like Paper Bird with plucky pop sensibilities.

Hotel Brotherhood. Formerly based in Marfa, Texas, songwriter Ross Cashiola has been performing in various incarnations under this moniker since 2003. Heartfelt slow folk jams with country twang and experimental inclinations.”

Hotel Brotherhood/Pillars and Tongues- May 18, Sala diaz, San Antonio,TX
May 11, 2011, 7:06 pm
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hotel brotherhood- austin, san antone. may 17th, 18th respectively
May 7, 2011, 7:04 pm
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PPlaying two shows with Pillars and Tongues, May 17th in Austin at a secret show at a location that is yet to be determined, then the next night May 18th in San Antonio at Sala Diaz. More Details to come as they arrive to the front desk.